Protecting your devices and managing your Norton product is as easy as adding a new device in your Norton account.

GET STARTED | Enter Norton Activation Key & Setup Norton

Norton antivirus is especially used for the information technology security for an array of devices and systems like computers, Android, iPhone, tablets, and laptops. It is advisable to everyone to download, install and activate Norton security software on the device after purchasing the setup. Visit the to enter the product key for the activation.

Steps for Downloading the Norton Setup

You can simply buy the Norton product by both the online or offline way. When you go through the online purchase, you need to for downloading the Norton setup online, just go through the steps listed below:

  1. The first step the users have to proceed to open the internet browser such as "Google Chrome" or "Mozilla Firefox." Whichever is a default browser in the computer.
  2. Type the URL of Norton that is in the text field of the default browsing application.
  3. Open the "Product" webpage located on the startup page of Norton and the users have to find the Norton product they want to get in their computer.
  4. Once they get the product which they wish to download, then they have to press the "Buy Now and Download" option mentioned near the product title.
  5. You have to log in to your account on Norton and enter the information which is linked with your Norton account for completing the billing of the Norton product.
  6. The users have to complete the billing process of the selected Norton product by using their debit or credit card detail.
  7. After billing process of Norton setup gets completed, then the URL of downloading Norton product will be sent to the email ID which is linked with the Norton.
  8. Press on the URL which is sent to the email ID connected with the Norton by going to the email inbox.
  9. The users will get its downloaded setup into the "Downloads" folder inside the "Documents" folder.

Steps for Installing the Norton Setup

You can simply start the installation process of Norton setup to your computer, here's how:

  1. Go to the "Downloads" folder or insert the "Compact disk" for starting the installation procedure by clicking on the downloaded setup.
  2. After that, tap the "Yes" option to move further to the installation procedure.
  3. When the other prompt gets open the screen, agree on the "Terms and Conditions".
  4. Tap on the "I Agree" option.
  5. Then, read the commands showing on the display to begin the installing process of downloaded Norton setup.
  6. The installation procedure gets started on the users' system once the users go through the steps mentioned above. Let the installation fully get completed.
  7. Now, the users can start using the Norton antivirus on their system to start protecting their personal data from thefts.

Steps for Activating the Norton Setup

In case the users purchased the setup from the online way, then the activation key will be like a pass code received on the users' email inbox. In case the users purchased the setup from the offline way, then the activation key will be inside the compact disk cover.

The guidance given below will tell the users how they can activate their Norton product by entering the 25-digit alphanumeric product key.

  1. Go to the installed software of the Norton product on the computer and press the product symbol on the bar at the edge of the display.
  2. Open the "Activation" column by going to the "Settings" tab.
  3. Now, the users have to type the "25-digit alphanumeric product key" on the provided section.
  4. Next, press the "Activate" option.
  5. Check that the Norton setup is fully working on your system is not.